Steve Millington

Steve Millington is a graduate of the Bolton Institute of Fine and Applied Arts. He had a desire to explore, in greater depth, his fascination with draughtsmanship led to him going freelance and working under the nom de plume (quite literally) of Lord Dunsby, a nod towards a tailor he and friends frequented in his “mod” youth; his path has been set ever since. Working in a style informed as much as inspired by the likes of Ronald Searle and Saul Steinberg, harking back to a pre Mac Book era of nib and Quink. His achievements are as long as they are broad, covering a range of projects to include; Books such as ‘The Perfectly Dressed Gentleman’ and ‘The Little Black Dress’ etiquette and style guides, cocktail books, and numerous iconoclastic volumes. Skate boards, skate shoes for the highly successful cult skate team FLIP and Vans apparel. These days going under the nom de plume “dry british” steven has a large (and growing) following on instagram you can find his illustration work popping up in various  magazines such as Cycling Plus, the Cyclist, “Pell Mell” the in house magazine for the Royal Automobile Club, and italian design magazine “studio”. 


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