Stoneface Creative

Andrew “Stoneface’ Vickers has been sculpting for over 25 years. Originally a dry stone waller, he pondered over who had built the walls he was working on and he decided to start to mark his walling so that in years to come the work would be recognized as his. Working with a hammer and chisel one evening he carved a face into a piece of stone, hence ‘stoneface’ was born. Andrew went on to discover that he could create images taken from his mind and began creating large and intricate sculptures. Now Andrew’s passion for creating art has grown into a business, with clients including rock stars and politicians. Four years ago he purchased Storrs woods. Described recently by a visitor as ‘Yorkshires best kept secret’ his love of sculpting can be viewed by the public in his outdoor gallery which has played a huge part in inspiring him and where he feels he works openly and freely on his projects.

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