Temper is recognised as one of the most collected and successful graffiti artists of his generation.Based in the West Midlands.His work is seen in private collections worldwide,owners of Temper art include Roman Abrahamwich,Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne,Sheik Mohammad and many others.

Temper was the first solo graffiti artist to exhibit in a government public art gallery in the uk, breaking attendance records (Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery) 2001 and the first graffiti artist to create a conceptual art collection,The Good Die Young (2002) which changed the commercial art world and popular culture forever by resurrecting the portrait of iconic people in galleries.He has 16 consecutive sellout collections from 2002 to 2016. Temper’s Post Graphaelite collection was exhibited at Whitehall Palace in London being the first graffiti artist to show his work in a palace.

He was awarded the High Sheriff award for his contribution to Art and Community in 2009.Temper’s designs have been seen on 100 million cans with his own signature can for Sprite,Coca Cola,which was a major milestone change for graffiti culture.Temper portfolio includes commissions for the likes of Saatchi and Saatchi,BBC,Chelsea FC, Everton FC

Retail Birmingham,Kangol and many others.’The Lovely People’ are one of Birmingham’s favourite public art pieces,a 7piece bronze sculpture and concept collection in the iconic building The Cube. Temper is also a artist who works with Washington Green and Castle fine arts, he recently released his ‘CoverVersions’ collection.

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