The Herd of Sheffield was joined by smaller elephant calves, designed by local school children and teachers, which are displayed in herds across the city. Download your Little Herd Souvenir Poster >

The Little Herd, sponsored by Blundells, offered over 70 schools a unique opportunity to showcase the creativity discovered in the classroom every day.

Herd of Sheffield existed due to the shared vision, creativity and generosity of people across our city. It offered a unique opportunity for local businesses, the cultural sector, schools, local community groups and individuals to team up to create the city’s biggest ever mass participation, public art event.

Our artists, schools, sponsors and supporters are our official Herders who united to bring something special to Sheffield for all to enjoy. We’d like to say a very big thank you to all the schools involved with the Little Herd.

Where to find the Little Herd
1. Winter Gardens
2. Crucible Theatre
3. Sheffield Hallam University – City Campus (Owen Building)
4. Atkinson’s
5. John Lewis
6. The Art House
7. Sheffield City Hall
8. Ponds Forge
9. Kelham Island Museum
10. Weston Park Museum
11. Abbeydale Industrial Hamlet

Abbey Lane

Abbey Lane Primary School

Elvis Abbey Lane Primary School’s design was created by Kira Craig in Year 6. She chose to use a jigsaw...

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Acres Hill

Acres Hill Primary School

Heart Acres Hill Primary School’s main designer was Hasti Rashid from Year 3. The whole school took part in sharing...

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Arbourthorne Community Primary

Arbourthorne Cares Arbourthorne Community Primary designed their elephant following a whole school design competition, where six students were selected to...

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Athelstan Primary School

Stan Athelstan Primary School’s aim is to create life-long learners who have a passion for reading for the rest of...

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Bents Green

Bents Green School

Waffles Bents Green School’s elephant was created by the submission of design ideas from Year 7 and Year 8 pupils....

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Bethany School

Bethany School

Hope Bethany School’s elephant, ‘Hope’ has been painted by professional artist, Kate Rose, based on designs created by pupils from...

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Birley Community College

Lumpy Birley Community College’s elephant, ‘Lumpy’ was designed by two students, Laura Batty in Year 10 and Ellie Burton in...

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Birley Community Primary

Teamwork Birley Community Primary’s elephant design was created by Amber Ashford and Bethan McAughey. The design is all about teamwork...

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Bradfield School

Bradley Bradfield School’s elephant design, Bradley, is based on the link between Bradfield School and Sheffield’s industry. The feet are...

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Brantwood Specialist School

Edward Nelly Brantwood Specialist School’s elephant’s colours and patterns are inspired by Diversity and Vibrancy. Celebrating diversity within their school...

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Brunswick Community Primary

Eddie Brunswick Primary wanted all the children and adults in the school to be involved with their design. After much thought and...

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Chantreyland Children’s Nursery

Elmer Chantreyland Children’s Nursery’s design was inspired by the popular children’s story ‘Elmer the Elephant’ and his lovely rainbow colours....

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Darley Dale

Darley Dale Primary School

Raj Darley Dale Primary has been celebrating the cultural diversity in Modern Britain in school this year. The children have...

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Dobcroft Infant School

Queenie The Elephant Dobcroft Infant School sent home an outline of the elephant calf to all the children at the...

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Dore Primary School

Steely D Dore Primary School wanted the children of the school to be involved with the design of their elephant....

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Firth Park

Firth Park Academy

Different But One At Firth Park Academy there are 37 languages spoken within their school and students have roots from...

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Greengate Lane Academy

Warm Summery Days Greengate Lane Academy’s elephant design reflects the children’s ideas as to what would make Sheffield a more...

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Greystones Primary School

Tulli Greystones Primary School’s design was created by Minna Haxter, a Year 5 child. Her aim was to create an...

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Hartley Brook Primary Academy

Emojiphant man Hartley Brook Primary School’s sculpture is a fusion of different children’s designs from both infants and juniors at...

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Horizon Community College

Identifant Horizon Community College’s elephant will be covered with a tessellating group of pupil crests, in the shape of the...

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Laughton Junior

Laughton Junior and Infant School

Laughton Lizzie Laughton Junior and Infant School’s elephant design is inspired by their school and where they live. Every child...

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Lydgate Infant School

A Splash Of Sheffield Colour At Lydgate Infant School each year group has learnt about the work of famous artists....

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Mallard Primary School

Trunky The Travelling Elephant Mallard Primary School’s motto has been the inspiration for a journey-themed elephant, “Proud of where we...

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St Maries

St Maries Catholic Primary

Water Ways   St Maries Catholic Primary have designed their elephant through collaboration with the painter and St Maries parent...

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Mansel Primary

Mansel Primary School

Elephant name: Build, Belong, Believe! Mansel Primary School’s elephant was inspired by the belief that the school are all on...

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Marlcliffe Primary School

Betty Button Marlcliffe Primary School decided that they would like to make a button mosaic sculpture for their elephant design....

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Meadowhead School Academy Trust

The Whole Of Our Lives At Meadowhead School 350 Year 8 students researched one of the twelve years of their...

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Monteney Primary School

The Beauty of the Rainforest Monteney Primary School’s design was created by their Year 4 class; they took inspiration from...

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Mossbrook School

Mossie At Mossbrook School the children are a central part to everything that the school stands for, therefore Mossie the...

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Mylnhurst Prepatory School

Diversity is our Strength At Mylnhurst Prepatory School they welcome children of all faiths and without faith and that was...

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Nether Edge

Nether Edge Primary School

Sheffield – City of Sport Nether Edge Primary School’s elephant is inspired by Sheffield’s long and proud sporting heritage. Umar...

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Nether Green

Nether Green Junior School

Eco Elephant Nether Green Junior School’s design, Eco Elephant reflects the green city of Sheffield and the children of Nether...

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Newman School

Gambles Newman School’s elephant, Gambles, represents the whole of the school. All students were asked to think about the school...

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noodle copy

Noodle Performance Arts

Nelly Noodle Noodle Performance Arts held a competition for the students at the performance arts school to design their elephant. The...

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Norfolk Community

Norfolk Community Primary School

Together we can achieve Norfolk Community Primary School’s elephant was inspired by their school’s community values and the diversity of...

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Norton Free C of E Primary

Empress Norton Free C of E Primary School’s elephant was designed by 2 children from each class. The design is based...

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Notre Dame High School

The Elephant in the Room Notre Dame High School’s Elephant will do it’s best to represent the ethos of Christian...

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Parkwood E-ACT Academy

Our Academy, Our Community Parkwood E-ACT Academy’s design was created by class 7P2. The artwork was developed when students were...

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Penistone Grammar School (Sculpture 1)

Tabitha Penistone Grammar School’s first elephant sculpture was inspired by the idea that elephants have an important place in the...

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Penistone Grammar School (Sculpture 2)

Mahouts Elephant Festival Penistone Grammar School’s second elephant was created through a competition ‘in school’ where students entered designs into...

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Razzamataz Theatre School

The Razzamataz Family Razzamataz Theatre School’s sculpture is inspired by their wonderful students, the friendships created at the school and...

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Rivelin Primary School

Engelbert Rivelin Primary School held a school-wide competition to choose the designs that would be put onto their elephant. They wanted...

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Sheffield Childrens

Sheffield Children’s Hospital

Tembo Tembo, meaning elephants in Swahili, was inspired by contemporary geographical patterns. Painted in collaboration with the patients at Sheffield...

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Rowan Centre Health PRU

EDNA (Every Day Needs Action) The Rowan Centre’s design reflects our school through the eyes of staff and children. Gold...

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Sacred Heart

Sacred Heart School

Heart2Art Sacred Heart School’s design is called Heart2Art and was inspired by the name of their school, Sacred Heart. Every...

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Saint Patricks

Saint Patricks Catholic Voluntary Academy

Erin Saint Patrick’s School’s elephant, Erin, is the school’s way of showing what is great about it. The original design...

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Sheaf Training

Sheaf Training Centre

Elliot The patchwork blanket around ‘Elliot’ was designed by students from Bents Green Post-16 who are located at Sheaf Training....

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Children's university

Sheffield Children’s University

Belinda Sheffield Children’s University’s elephant design was created by hundreds of Sheffield children who have each drawn a picture to...

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Sheffield Hallam University

Sheffield Hallam University Saturday Art Club

Ellie Sheffield Hallam University’s elephant, Ellie, was designed and created by Sheffield Hallam’s National Saturday Art Club members, student ambassadors...

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Sheffield Hallam University

Sheffield Hallam University Outreach and Widening Participation Team

Nelly The Sheffelent Sheffield Hallam University’s Outreach and Widening Participation Team have created an elephant that is special as it...

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Sheffield High School

Sheffield High School (Junior School)

An Elephant Never Forgets Sheffield High School have based their inspiration for their elephant design around the saying ‘an elephant...

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Sheffield Park

Sheffield Park Academy

Malala Sheffield Park Academy has named their elephant Malala after Malala Yousafzai, who campaigns for education for girls and women...

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Sheffield Springs

Sheffield Springs Academy

Hope Sheffield Springs Academy’s elephant is called Hope. This name represents the pupils at Sheffield Springs Academy and their journey...

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Shooters Grove

Shooter’s Grove Primary School

 Pachyderm Profusion At Shooter’s Grove Primary School there were countless lovely ideas generated for an eye-catching design for the elephant....

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Silverdale School

Sylvester Silverdale School’s sculpture’s design was inspired by student’s personal design ideas. They were lucky enough to have two joint...

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St Anslems

St Anselms School

Welly the Elephant Wellington’s House, one of four St Anselm’s Houses (alongside Pitt’s, Churchill’s and Nelson’s), voted for the Sheffield...

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St Mary's

St Mary’s C of E Academy, Walkley

Santa Maria St Mary’s C of E Academy in Walkley’s elephant called Santa Maria is known to the children of...

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Stannington Infants School

Tell me, I’ll forget, show me, I’ll remember, involve me, I’ll understand Stannington Infants School are an all-inclusive, small infant...

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Stocksbridge high

Stocksbridge High School

Steel-Punk Cecil Stocksbridge High School’s design contributors were: Daniel Bruce, Elise Biggin, Karla Hiley, Marissa Matischen, Maggie Bailey, Emily Stocks...

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Stocksbridge Junior School

Poppy Stocksbridge Junior School’s project was created by the children from the school. The design was inspired by the initiative...

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Stradbroke Primary School

Derek Stradbroke Primary School’s sculpture aims to show Sheffield what the children at Stradbroke Primary hold special to themselves and...

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Swallownest Primary School

Bob-Simon Swallownest Primary School designed their elephant with all the children in school (Foundation up to Year 6), they were...

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Tapton School

Timothea Peake the S.T.E.A.M Elephant Tapton School’s elephant is called, ‘Timothea Peake the S.T.E.A.M Elephant’. S.T.E.A.M stands for Science, Technology,...

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Thrybergh Academy

Thrybergh Academy

Peanut Thrybergh Academy’s elephant pays homage to the steel and mining industry. He is called Peanut and their primary students...

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Tranmoor Primary School

Team Tranmoor! Tranmoor Primary School has a happy and inclusive ethos where every member of the school community is valued....

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UTC Sheffield

Utopian and Dystopian Cogs The University Technical College’s Year 10 class came up with their elephant idea – which the...

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Valley Park

Valley Park Community Primary School

EDNA Valley Park Community Primary School’s Council (aged 5-11) designed their elephant, Edna. They decided they wanted to ‘block’ the...

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Westways Primary School

All Different, All Equal Westways Primary School’s idea for their design came from discussions with their Year 2 children around...

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Whiteways Primary School

Fabulous Whiteways Elephant Whiteways Primary School children each designed an elephant to represent their school and community. The winning elephant,...

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Wisewood Primary School

Wild Baby Wisewood Wisewood Primary School’s winning design is a collaborative effort from a few designs across the two key stages. Valentina...

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Wooley Wood

Woolley Wood School

Honey Bunny Woolley Wood School believes all of their children are diverse and unique. Each one represented by different colours....

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Yewlands Academy

Lizzie Yewlands Academy’s design was inspired by a story about an elephant called, ‘Lizzie’ who hauled heavy loads of steel...

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