Henderson’s Relish

Henderson’s Relish is a condiment first formulated by Henry Henderson in the back of his Dry Salters and has continued to be made in Sheffield for over 130 years.

Originally sold as an accompaniment to the local meat and potato pie it is now also used in stews, Chilli Con Carne, Soups, Spaghetti Bolognese, Bloody Mary’s and on Breakfasts, Pies, Cheese on Toast, Chips and many more. It is indeed surprising the number of dishes that can benefit from a dash of “Hendo’s”, as it is affectionately called.
Hendersons is a household name in Sheffield, with many locals becoming Relish fans almost at birth. Hendersons is available in Yorkshire and has seeped out into the neighbouring counties of Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire and Lancashire. It is also very well-travelled, with many fans requesting their Relish be sent to wherever they are in the world.

Part of the charm of Hendersons is its tenacious survival over 100 years; through wars, strikes, depressions and its association with many happy family get-togethers.

It has been owned by the Freeman family since 1940 and they reflect the family values still strongly held in Sheffield and Yorkshire. The magic that so quickly converts students, travellers and newcomers to loving Sheffield is as elusive as the recipe which is a closely guarded family secret, still know to only three family members.

The unique taste, savoury, spicy, without being too hot has remained little changed for over 100 years and its ingredients make it vegetarian and gluten free.