Inmotion! helps local organisations and businesses get the most out of their transport and travel options. From public transport (bus, tram and train) through to cycling, better driving and supporting improvements in fleet management, we’re here to inspire you and your workplace to be healthier and happier.
Our programmes include:

  • Busboost – for those who usually commute by car, there’s an opportunity to try public transport – for free – for up to 28 days
  • Cycleboost – an opportunity to try cycling for four weeks (or longer!) through the free loan of a bike. We can provide all relevant training to get people in the saddle. Our support programme also includes free Dr Bike check-ups at a variety of locations throughout the year.
  • Travel Advice – we’re here to help people overcome the barriers of travelling to that next interview, job or training course through our free dedicated travel advice service
  • Wheels2Work – if you have difficulties getting to work, education or training and need a flexible transport solution, we can help through the loan of a scooter for up to six months
  • ECO Stars – a free scheme which provides recognition and guidance on operational best practice to operators of goods vehicles, buses and coaches. Typical HGV operators could expect to reduce fuel consumption by a minimum of 5% in their first year through ECO Star

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