Our Cow Molly

Our Cow Molly Dairy Farm is open to the public and located on the top of one of Sheffield’s famous 7 hills, the beautiful green pastures overlooking Sheffield city are where the cows graze all day on the lush green grass, the farm has recently built its own state of the art milk dairy which supplies the freshest bottled milk in Sheffield to doorsteps – businesses – Shops.

This is also where the national award-winning Our Cow Molly ice cream is made and visitors can enjoy a bright pink ice cream parlour and deluxe range of flavours that are only available from the farm either freshly scooped in to a cone or in tubs to take home.

As a real working dairy farm there’s always new born calves and plenty of cows about to see.

Visit our website www.ourcowmolly.co.uk and follow us on twitter @OurCowMolly.