The Trail

Throughout summer 2016, our businesses, communities, artists, individuals and schools united to create a free interactive art trail – the Herd of Sheffield.

58 large elephant sculptures painted by professional artists and 72 smaller elephants designed by schools created one of the biggest mass participation arts events the city has ever seen.  Taking in the city’s streets and open spaces tourists and residents alike enjoyed their elephant safari, discovering and celebrating Sheffield’s heritage and vibrancy through this world-class initiative.

If you loved the trail over the summer why not keep a piece of Herd of Sheffield history and purchase your exclusive Herd of Sheffield Souvenir Guide featuring all 130 elephants.

The 104 page guide is full to the brim with elephants both the large sculptures and the smaller elephant calves created by local schools. The souvenir guide is the perfect keepsake of the trail, which captured the imagination of thousands of residents and visitors.




Elmer the Patchwork Elephant

Elmer  the Patchwork Elephant- Patients at Sheffield Children's Hospital (2)
One of the most instantly recognisable members of the Sheffield herd is Elmer the patchwork elephant. He is a firm international favourite in millions of households and we’re sure he’ll prove to b....


Inconelly - Commissioned by Pressure Technologies
The dazzling coat and name of this elephant is inspired by Inconel - a superalloy of nickle, chromium and iron that Pressure Technologies specialise in machining. Inconel can survive the harshest of e....


AM Elephant - Artcic Monkeys
Graphic designer and illustrator Matthew Cooper has worked with the Arctic Monkeys for many years now. “I was asked to come up with a design for the band’s contribution to The Herd of Sheffield.Th....


Effie - Geo Law
Effie the elephant was inspired by the need to create something very colourful and bold but with some degree of secondary detail. The artist, wanted the design to be easy to spot from far away and as ....

Our City, Our Home

Our City Our Home - Alan Pennington (2)
From the ‘I love you bridge’ to the Hallam University hubs, Sheffield artist and graphic designer Alan Pennington’s elephant, entitled Our City, Our Home, showcases some of the city’s most dis....


Interst-elephant - Aimee and Josh Williams
Interst-Elephant’s intergalactic design is full of all sorts of things to excite the imagination including rockets, Martians, asteroids, the planets of our solar system and even an astronaut on a sp....

Sheffield Elephant

Sheffield Elephant - Aimee and Josh Williams
One of the most amazing things about Sheffield is its unique blend of beautiful countryside and urban cityscape. In just a few hops, the friendly critters who have found their home at the base of this....

An Elephant Never Forgets Where He Came From

An Elephant Never Forgets Where He Came From - Caroline Greyling (2)
If you’ve ever visited the Millennium Gallery in Sheffield then it’s likely you will have come across the striking ‘Barking Up the Right Tree’ sculpture. Made by Johnny White to celebrate the ....

It’s Parade Day

It's Parade Day - Clare Pentlow (2)
Inspired by the special patients that the Sheffield Children’s Hospital treats every day, Clare Pentlow’s elephant, entitled It’s Parade Day, is a nod to one of her favourite childhood reads –....


Birdy - Coralie Turpin-Thomson (2)
Although its feet are planted firmly on the ground, the inspiration for this elephant, created by Sheffield sculptor Coralie Turpin Thomson, can be found high up in the sky. With Birdy, Coralie depic....

Peace Elephant

Peace Elephant - Rocket01
Covered in peace signs and twisting vines, this elephant created by Rocket01 is rooted in the artist’s love of all things natural. The incorporation of the CND peace sign is a nod to Rocket01’s an....

Fairytale Elephant

Fairytale Elephant - Carolyn Short (2)
Created by Lincolnshire-based artist Carolyn Short, the Fairytale Elephant is covered in a steel inspired patchwork quilt, depicting characters from well known and loved children’s stories. Carolyn ....